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Real homeowners with a real need... their solution? PACE financing from Renew Financial

Read the stories of real homeowners who have benefited from using the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program from Renew Financial for home improvements that make their homes safer, healthier, and more resilient and energy-efficient. 

Kimberli S. from Port Charlotte, FL

With PACE we were able to finance these projects with a reasonable interest rate and term, and by including it in our escrow we know it will be paid on time. Read More

Audrey & Albert K. from Delray Beach, FL

As senior citizens it was a wonderful option to have access to PACE financing to allow you to get things done that you need in your home. Read More

Jose D. from Riverview, FL

I am glad that this type of home improvement financing is available for homeowners like myself who do not have a great credit score but have a history of paying our bills on time, and make sufficient income to afford other obligations. Read More

Jesus & Chrystine M. from Ridgecrest, CA

The payment that we got with PACE financing was much lower than if we had gone with the other options we qualified for, so this was definitely a no-brainer for us. I wish we knew about PACE and Renew sooner. Read More

Helen M. from Port Charlotte, FL

Renew Financial provided me with access to something I did not think was possible for me to get - the means to finance the two major things I needed to get done in my home, the roof and the Air Conditioner. Read More

Anthony & Pamela B. from Alameda, CA

If we were talking to a friend we’d say that PACE financing is a great option for financing home improvements when other options may not be available or optimal for your needs. Read More

Joseph P. from Wimauma, FL

I had initially applied with another financing company but after learning more about PACE financing, I decided that PACE was a better option for me. Read More

Lillian T. from Riverview, FL

The contractor offered me different ways to finance the panels, but PACE seemed better out of all of them, as it is convenient to have the payment rolled into the property taxes. Read More

Giovanni C. from Palmetto, FL

This is the second time I use Renew Financial and the PACE program. Given that I am on disability and on a fixed monthly income, financing can be a little hard, but the PACE program really worked for me. Read More

Angel & Brenda C. from Brandon, FL

I’ve always been skeptical about those things that sound too good to be true. I was trying to find the downside and asked a lot of questions but everything was done to our satisfaction. Read More

Carmen S. from Tampa, FL

I am happy that I had access to PACE financing because otherwise, I would still have a broken air conditioner. The process was really easy, and it didn’t take very long for me to get approved. Read More

Gerald & Caroline K. from Los Angeles, CA

I am a Finance Manager and my wife is a Registered Nurse so it is in our nature to ask many questions, research, and crunch numbers. We found PACE financing to be fair and competitive. Read More 

Dayshar H. from Ruskin, FL

My roof was the most needed thing I had to get done and PACE made it possible for me to comfortably afford a new roof for insurance purposes and to make my home safer. Read More


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