Consumer Protections

Get peace of mind with PACE financing

PACE Goes Above and Beyond

The consumer protections with PACE financing go above and beyond what other traditional financing alternatives commonly offer.

Customer Service

Direct Support & Service

Renew Financial offers homeowners direct customer service support and assistance even after their project is completed. The same is not true with traditional lenders, especially banks and credit card companies.
Comprehensive Disclosures

Comprehensive Disclosures

Similar to consumer financing, homeowners receive comprehensive disclosures, such as a financing estimate of all the expected costs over the lifetime of the lien, a program handbook, and a final closing document.
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Verification Call

Homeowners receive a live confirmation call from a real, trained Renew Financial representative who verifies the information and goes over the financing terms in detail to make sure the homeowner understands the program.
Completion Certificate

Completion Certificate

PACE comes with consumer protections to better protect homeowners from contractor-related disputes. For example, a PACE contractor will not be paid until the homeowner signs a project completion certificate.
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No Pre-Payment Fees

With PACE homeowners are not locked in for the entire term of the PACE assessment and they are entirely free to pay the financing agreement in full ahead of schedule without pre-payment fees.
Contractor Oversight

Contractor Oversight

All of our registered contractors undergo a due-diligence review and verification. This vetting process has no parallel in unsecured lending.
Repayment Options

Repayment Options

Compared to home equity loans or personal home improvement loans with shorter-term repayment periods, PACE financing offers significantly more flexibility to homeowners with no out of pocket costs.
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Hardship Program

Renew Financial offers temporary hardship assistance to ensure that a payment owed on a PACE assessment does not stop homeowners from getting back on their feet.
Our Customer Care Center is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Call us at 1-844-736-3934.